What's this all about ?

Why am I feeling this way and where has the joy gone?

These are the questions I had been asking myself for a very long time.  I was proud that I had survived divorce and had been able to rebuild my life ,but the years of effort had taken a toll on my spirit.  I had worn the mask of "I'm just fine" until I just didn't want to do it anymore.  I really didn't know who I was or where I was going anymore.

One morning while on Facebook,  I saw that Jenna was offering a 90 Day Recharge program.  I had a vague idea as to what it was about so I placed a call .  That 90 days has turned into 6 months of weekly half hour talks and my life is getting better every day.  I am finding my way back to a peaceful place,  The light is coming back and I am finding myself looking forward to life again.  Jenna has given me the tools and ideas as well as a better and more effective way of handling challenges that we all face in our daily lives.  I am so blessed to have this opportunity to work with Jenna.

With a happy and thankful heart....

- Barb

Jenna coached me in a critical time in both my personal and professional lives. She helped me take the steps to not only identify my potential, but also identify and overcome the obstacles preventing me from finding my sense of purpose.

Jenna’s years of coaching expertise are not the only reason that she has been so fundamental in this process. It is only when combining her experience with her unconditional acceptance, holistic approach, and commitment to meet me where I am at in my life that I was truly able to grow.

Each week she challenged me to think bigger, she asked tough questions that made me dig deeper, and she held me accountable in setting goals for myself. The result was deeper level thoughts and actions all focused toward my greater purpose.

She was my partner in my journey of self-discovery. Her encouragement, skillful questions, and genuine spirit kept me firm in my pursuit of purpose and deliberate choices. She helped me move forward toward my vision.

I found our weekly cadence to be important in establishing a cycle of accountability. She held me accountable with my time, energy, and choices so that I could remain aligned with my larger vision and purpose.

As a result of coaching with Jenna, I found my sense of purpose. I now understand the power of my journey and how it can help serve others. My self-confidence and positive energy have soared, and I am now succeeding in areas that I never dreamed.

Coaching with Jenna changed my life. Thank you Jenna!

- Karen (Golden, Colorado)

"Jenna's ability to weed through the "story" being told and connect week after week the true areas that need attention, whether they be pretty or ugly, it didn't matter because we acknowledged them all. As Jenna taught me, "Nothing is good, nothing is bad, it just is.". Jenna gave me tools and techniques on how to deepen my connection with my inner self through breath work and awareness."

"My biggest learning through my work with Jenna was seeing that I HAVE been living my life with intention, raising my vibration for myself and others by just being me and being my most authentic self. Me ever thinking I had to "do" anything else...silly...because all I ever had to do, was be Me!"

- Kim (Canada)

Jenna is a leader who models sharing, cooperation, consideration, and inclusion. Being of service to others comes naturally to Jenna and she easily creates an environment where people feel valued and important.

Jenna is open to new ideas, creativity and conversation while able to maintain focus and momentum.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Jenna because she has such a high degree of integrity and she's fun!

I give Jenna a super-high endorsement and would encourage you to include Jenna in your professional world - she will be a wonderful addition.

- Laura (Canada)

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